George Dennis

I joined Johnny to help me understand how to lose fat correctly. In the past when I attempted my cutting phase I used to always lose my muscle I put on during my bulk and loose so much strength! However with the help of Johnny he put me on a brilliant diet plan along with great workouts. Each Monday we would check in and I’d tell him my current weight whilst taking a progress picture which he would then emend my daily calorie intake and provide me with a new diet plan. He is such a great motivator there were times I was close to losing it especially during lock down when I haven’t seen anyone and just having someone there saying you are doing great was all I needed! I would recommend Johnny to anyone whether it’s putting on size or like me dieting! We are now on a journey to pack on some size and then hit another shred ready for Ibiza next year 💪

Declan Hutton

I reached out to Jonny in January 2020 because my progress in the gym had stalled. I didn’t have a solid routine when it came to training and didn’t have the knowledge on how to fuel my body with the nutrition I needed to reach my goals.

I wanted to pack some muscle on my frame and be happy with my body for a lad’s holiday in the sun. Since working with Jonny, the training routines and meal plans have been extremely rewarding as well as the progress on my body!

I have gained more confidence in the last 6 months using Jonny’s plan and guidance. I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone and seen the best results and changes in my body. I feel mentally and physically better and excited for more progress in the future

Client Testimonials

Some of my other online clients and their thoughts

I’ve been working with Jonny for the last few months and it’s been the best months of training I’ve ever had, the programme and diet plan has helped me progress a lot in the gym and my physique has gotten a lot better and I’m very happy with the progress so far.

Ethan Coll

I’ve been with Jonny now just over a year and it’s mad the progress I’ve made over a year. I’ve learnt so much from him especially the nutrition side of things on how to gain muscle mass. Anytime I need to ask a question he replies very quickly which is excellent as a coach. He sets out a really good format on what exercises he advises to do, how many sets and reps. Also what meals to eat, how often to eat. If you are looking to gain muscle or lose fat I would definitely recommend Jonny as a coach to guide you on what you want to achieve!

Ryan Irvine

I found Jonny on Instagram he was posting about his Fat Loss and exercise plans. I am happy to say after 6 weeks with Jonny I lost over 2 stone. I am progressing and feel his support when in the gym was paramount. I used to go to the gym for hours and not get the results i did after joining Jonny’s programme

Stephen Bruce